Chalet is all about pairing elegance with comfort. Beautiful clothing that you can’t wait to try on. Made for the relaxed wearer, with their comfort made priority one, their clothes are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s the middle of the week or the weekend; the middle of the day or the end of it, you’ll never feel out of place in their clothes. And at Kioti we know you’ll love our stock as much as we do! Afterall, Kioti is all about giving you access to the most elegant comforts we can.


Cut-loose comes from San Francisco. Originally their clothes were not able to be made custom tailored, so they were quite literally cut loose to allow for a “one size fits all” product. With a more relaxed fit that flattered and in shape and color, Cut-Loose was a hit! People loved laid back approach to clothing and have supported the company to this day! And just like Santa Fe, San Francisco is a little bit more laid back than most places. And at Kioti we understand that our customers want clothing that adjusts to them, not the other way around. So, come in, unwind, relax and look amazing with Cut-Loose clothing at Kioti!


Clothes to live in. That just about sums it up. Habitat is a clothing brand that that cares about not just making you look fantastic when you go out but also about making you feel fantastic! Whether you’re going out to a club, going to the office, having dinner at a restaurant or just staying in for the day, Habitat will make you feel as good as you look. And at Kioti we love to make people look amazing!

Nomadic Traders

Nomadic Traders is a company that was started when two travelers met in South America. It was a casual meeting that later turned into something revolutionary. At Kioti we appreciate all kinds of clothing, and Nomadic Traders fills a perfect niche – Casual. Whether for lounging around about the house, running errands or going out to the mall with friends, Nomadic Traders clothing at Kioti will let you live life in comfort and, of course, style.