kioti santa fe

Kioti is a Santa Fe treasure that has been specializing in fashion and accessories for over 16 years. Kioti is the ultimate luxury retailer of fine clothing and jewelry for women in Santa Fe, NM. Kioti is a boutique that carries pieces crafted from the finest materials including silks, gemstones, and custom curated one of a kind collections from Indonesia and Thailand. Kioti is a wonderful place where the vibrant culture of Santa Fe shines through in a unique and stylish perspective.

Shopping at Kioti in santa Fe is a truly unique experience as we are one of the most original stores in New Mexico. At Kioti you will immerse yourself in a world of beauty, class, and color that will awaken your senses and bring out your creative side.

We offer stunning styles for any occasion from classic looks to breathtaking ornate jewels that are fit for special events. Our pieces are sourced from all around the world and brought right here to Santa Fe. We offer a diverse selection in a variety of sizes to fit you perfectly. Come visit us to discover why Kioti has been a shopping oasis in Santa Fe for many years.

kioti santa fe


We offer women’s clothing of the finest materials and quality.


Kioti carries beautifully crafted accessories for women in Santa Fe.


Stunning handcrafted gemstone jewelry for day and night.