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A fine retailer of women’s fashion in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Every item that Kioti carries is crafted with painstaking care and love to create a final product that is elegant and chic.


The products we carry are made from the finest materials available to be as comfortable as possible.


If it is in our store you know that it is of the highest quality. We only stock clothing and accessories that are made to last.

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Style for any occasion

Unique Pieces

  • Kioti offers a variety of custom curated pieces.
  • We source the finest textiles and materials available.
  • We offer one of the most unique collections for women.
  • Visit us to have one of our stylists create an ensemble for you.

Kioti is one of the finest and most renowned boutiques for women in Santa Fe, NM. We specialize in high-end luxury fashions from around the world and indie designer to suit any style. 

Highest Quality

All of our clothing brands are crafted with care from the highest quality materials available. And that high quality means that our clothing flows gracefully when worn. It means that our clothes are pleasures to wear, never causing discomfort. And it means that they are made to last for years to come.


Every item in our store is chosen for it’s beauty. Whether designed with the finest Eastern silk or a more rustic cotton, our clothing is always held to one standard before it is sold in our store – elegance. If an item does not exude elegance in every facet of it’s design, we don’t carry it. And at Kioti you will see that in every item we host, elegance in style is in no short supply. 


  • A textile and fiber art haven! Very interesting clothes and totally unique. They also carry a bit of vintage tribal textiles that are worth the trip in themselves.

    kioti santa fe
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